Artificial Deadlines

Please Stand By

There is always so much to do and so little time. How do people manage to enjoy movies, TV shows, video games, and other forms of entertainment when I am barely able to work, eat, and sleep with any amount of regularity? How is it that people can spend time with family, walk the dog, and go out with friends when I am forever struggling to make time for myself, let alone the other people around me? There is always so much to do and less time to do it in … and this is where my problem lies. Artificial deadlines and expectations placed on me by internal and external factors are creating undue stress with little noticeable gain. It needs to stop.

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One Small Step

Apollo 11 - The Bootprint

45 years ago today, humans set foot on another world for the first time in recorded history. 

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Axanar - A New Story

Axanar - USS Ares

The last episode of Star Trek: Enterprise was aired on May 13th, 2005 and I’ve been hungry for some new Trek ever since. There is just something about this one particular story that strikes a chord with me. Nothing else has come even close. It wasn’t just the powerful starships that bent time and space around them to move through the endless vacuum between worlds. It wasn’t just the incredible battles that took place. It wasn’t just the characters or the incredibly cheesy solutions to every complex problem. What I loved about Star Trek more than anything was the premise of something better. A hackneyed hope and optimism that no matter what the universe throws at a collection of people, regardless of their gender, species, political affiliations, or personal beliefs, good would win the day and a much larger group of people would enjoy the peace and freedom that rests at the core of the United Federation of Planets. Nine long years have passed, but an incredible story is about to be told.

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Burnout is an interesting mental state. Activities that we once relished in become mundane or are abandoned altogether. Energy levels we once took for granted plummet. Interest in new ideas wane. Even accomplishing a very specific goal can leave us wondering just why we spent so much energy trying to reach the mark. We can completely disregard all of the effort, progress, and results to focus on a singular thought. A singular, corrosive thought that eats away at the idea like rust on bare metal.

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Redefining Mute

Some weeks ago I was talking to a few people on and off about some of the pain points they had with the system. How some elements could be improved, and how others could be created. Some interesting ideas came up during these discussions such as the ability to use Markdown in a client and have the HTML field in the API write out accordingly, or eliminating the need to have an account name in a reply text because the meta fields know who is part of the conversation, and even a means of linking contiguous conversation chains with ourself into larger posts that exceed 256 characters. All of these are really good ideas that I hope to play around with this summer as goes from being a mild amusement to a passing hobby. One request in particular has stuck with me for a long time, and after recent events, it’s something I would also like to see come to pass: Silence.

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