Ridiculous Romulans

Enterprise - Romulan War

In my youth I would not so much read Star Trek books as consume them. Between the ages of eight and twenty-six I managed to read every book that was published, some of them five or six times. Unfortunately, my reading habits changed drastically after moving to Japan. In Canada I would read two or three books per week. In Japan it’s been two or three books per year. I’ve missed reading books and, as a result, have made the conscious decision to get back into reading them … starting right where I left off with Star Trek: Enterprise.

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Goink! Goink! Goink!

Food Anonymous

For much of my youth I was fortunate (and unfortunate) enough to live across the street from my school. So, rather than stay at the building and eat lunch with my peers, I would go home and enjoy my lunch there. From Noon to 12:30 for the vast majority of my elementary school years, the Flintstones would keep me entertained while I scarfed down whatever food was waiting for me. One of the episodes that I found to be the most unfair had Fred trying to lose 25 pounds in a month in order to win $1000. After trying and failing a number of diets, Fred joins Food Anonymous and never gets to eat a meal again.

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Autumn Arrives

Taking The Centre

Nozomi and I are enjoying our daily walks in the park now that the summer heat has been vanquished by the onset of the autumn winds and all the cool air that sweeps across the nation of Japan as a result. While the typhoons have been few and far between this year, the photo opportunities have been nothing short of spectacular. Nozomi and I are now covering close to 30 km a week together, and I’m doing another 45 while out and about for the day job. In addition to the comfortable breezes that caress our skin in the fall, photos tend to be more vibrant and much sharper thanks to the lack of atmospheric disruption as a result of 35˚C temperatures.

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Earlier this week I discovered that, much to my horror, Koku will no longer accept data input on my phone and the creator of the tool has put the brakes on any further development. This renders the mostly-perfect finance application I've come to lean on for nearly two years almost useless. While the desktop application continues to work flawlessly on the notebook, without a fully-functional mobile client that can record and view transactions, I am loathe to entrust the tool for much longer ... leaving me in a bit of a bind. I need a finance-tracking package that works on my notebook as well as my phone and synchronises data in such a way that no 3rd-party has transaction-level details of my spending habits. Koku offered this with their iCloud integration and encrypted data stores. No other application that I've seen in either the Mac AppStore or the iOS AppStore comes close to offering me what I need ... and what am I to do about the half-decade worth of transaction histories that have been written into this abandoned $65 pair of applications?

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An Elusive Concept

Wisdom is often defined in many dictionaries as being the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement. This definition, while accurate, is incomplete. Wisdom does require all three of the elements listed above, but it also requires a fourth; pattern recognition. Without this crucial skill, a person cannot be regarded as wise and will instead be considered smart. Should a person learn this truth while in their teens, they will discover all they need to know in order to make it through life with contentedness, satisfaction, and outright cheerfulness.

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