Doubtfully Daily Matigo - Relaxation

The Pathway

Nozomi and I took a walk to the park after lunch today. Along the way, I decided to try out my new Audio Technica AT9913iS Shotgun Microphone. After a number of test recordings followed by a few soliloquies recorded into Auphonic, I'm willing to admit that I'm quite impressed with how well the device captures sound. For this show, my phone was sitting on a table next to a park bench about 50cm from my face. Nice weather, a slight breeze, and regular noises one might hear when living in a mid-sized city are all captured in this five minute recording.

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Three Months Later

Scale and Weight

Believe it or not, I’ve been trying to reduce my weight over the last three months. 92 days ago I weighed 87.2 kilograms and today, as a result of careful calorie counting and shooting for 60K steps per week, I can say that I am 82.7 kilograms. The first few weeks were hard but, after just two weeks, the reduced food intake and increased activity actually started to have a positive effect on my attitude. This has me wondering if there is a specific weight my body is looking for that will encourage greater productivity, vitality, and health.

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Every Four Years

Charlie Brown Christmas

In a recent episode of Back to Work, Merlin Mann lamented the fact that Christmas may come once a year, but it’s here for a hundred days. So, to alleviate the seemingly endless parade of advertising, lights, and muzak we are subjected to for more than a quarter of the year, he suggests we have a big Christmas every four years, and a little "Easter-like" Christmas for each celebration in between. An Olympic schedule, if you will. I like this.

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Why Use iCloud?

Spinning Disks

Earlier this year when Apple introduced the 200GB iCloud storage tier, I thought it was a pretty decent deal. Although the amount of space was way more than I needed, I liked the idea of having the flexibility to share as many photos and movies of Nozomi as I wanted with family without micromanaging the size of my picture storage. Besides, at 400円 a month, who am I to complain? Sadly this simplicity was not to last.

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A Long Way from Nanaimo

Nanaimo Bars

Despite the three-months of calorie counting, step counting, portion controlling, and overall healthier living, I had the strongest desire to whip up a batch of Nanaimo Bars today. Each square has enough energy to fuel a human body for 10,000 years. They’re not very healthy, but they are delicious beyond belief.

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