When a person puts their mind to something, a great deal can be accomplished in a very short amount of time. In the world of web projects, we can see this with remarkable regularity. One night something doesn’t exist. The next morning it does. This is how my recent foray into podcasting feels with the relative success of Discover ADN, a show that didn’t exist until just a few weeks ago. As of this writing there are 14 recorded episodes and 8 more scheduled over the coming fortnight. A very specific, very custom website has been created for the show, and sponsors have been signed. People are downloading and enjoying the program. It’s a little surreal at times.

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Are We Alone?

Over the last few years I’ve occasionally struggled with a question so unknowable to the human race at this point in our history that it seems almost pointless to dwell on the subject. Yet, me being me, the thought floats to the surface of consciousness regularly enough to warrant consideration. It’s such a simple query, and one that has a number of different angles to examine. The question is this: How would the human race react if it were discovered that this planet was the only one to harbour life in the cosmos?

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Human Constructs

Nozomi and I often walk past a short stretch of river where a few creatures can be seen enjoying themselves much the same way their ancestors have since time immemorial. A family of ten turtles sun themselves on the rocks that jut out from the trickling stream. A half-dozen koi sit downstream, staring up at the world from their vantage point. Ducks wash themselves and swim from place to place in pairs. This idyllic scene is one that can be found in most temperate climates around the world yet is completely absent in the human world. Not willing to sit somewhere in the middle of the food chain, we created an artificial world and became all too concerned with a singular idea: purpose.

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Scrubbing the Source

Discover ADN in the AppStore

Yesterday I released six days of hard work onto the world in what can only be called an unbridled success of epic proportions! Well … this is an exaggeration but, for the last six days, I have been hard at work putting my desire to push a little more. The result is the Discover ADN podcast; a show where I interview people who use the microblogging component of App.net to interact and share their uniqueness with the world.

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Is Moves Worth the Battery Drain?

iPhone Low Battery

In December of last year I installed a fully-featured pedometer and activity application on my phone called “Moves”. This application has allowed me to see not only how many steps I am taking in a given day, but where I happen to be based on the GPS mapping functions. All in all, it’s been a decent little tool to help motivate me to get outside and stretch my legs every so often. There’s just one rather big problem with the application: despite being in “Power Saving” mode, it consumes way too much power.

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