Springtime Joys

Nozomi on the Trail

A long time has passed since Nozomi and I could take a walk in comfort along the banks of the 八田川 (Hatta River), and the weather really could not have been better this morning. Weekends are often the best opportunity for the puppy and I to walk a longer course, so we decided to head north towards a nice place to take in the wonderful sights and smells accompanying spring that is at the tip of a small, inland island; Mitsumata Park.

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50 Years of EVA

Алексе́й Лео́нов

Half a century ago, Russian cosmonaut Алексе́й Лео́нов — Alexey Leonov — became the first human in recorded history to leave a spacecraft while in orbit of the Earth. He was outside of his space capsule for only 12 minutes 9 seconds but, in that time, went through all of the emotions one might expect when something is done the very first time. Mr. Leonov lead the way, and we learned a great deal about traversing atmospheres as a result.

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You’ll Never Be …

Pedometer++ Stats

Sometimes we don’t know just how tired we are until we sit down. This was certainly true for me a few hours ago after I trekked between offices in order to stretch my legs and think through a few things for the billionth time. Over the last few weeks I have taken my walking to a whole new level, travelling hundreds of kilometres while in search of relaxation and — more importantly — answers. Headaches are nothing new, and they are coming more frequently as I continue to work incredibly hard with the mission of completing my various goals before the end of the month. A local man, upon seeing my discomfort after I sat heavily on the train, couldn’t help but remark on my exhaustion.

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Reality Distortion Fields


One of the many legends surrounding the late Steve Jobs involves what is best described as a Reality Distortion Field. Like all good leaders, he could get people excited over just about anything and he put this skill to good use to bring the company he founded back from near bankruptcy. A lot of journalists have said that Mr. Jobs was uniquely able to extend his reality distortion field, but I disagree. I don’t believe this was unique at all. We all carry with us our own reality distortion fields and it's within these fields that we are able to interact and understand each other.

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Staring Out the Window

Above the Below

Nozomi spends an inordinate amount of her waking day staring out windows, watching the world go by and hoping that she will be able to explore the objects sitting before her but out of reach of her incredibly sensitive nose. If she had her way, she’d be outside the vast majority of the day and only come home when she wanted a warm lap or a meal. Of course, she wouldn’t want to be out in the world without some company, so would do her best to entice someone to go with her to the park and explore every blade of grass … every petal on the flowers … every stone on the path.

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