Today I stared at my hands for a while, examining the lines and creases that have developed over the last few years with eyes that have aged just the same. I no longer feel these hands are not my own, but I do often feel strange when looking at these remarkable tools attached to the end of my arms. With these tools I have created just about everything that I find valuable in life. Wonderful things can happen when fingers combine with pencil and paper, keyboard and touchpad, glove and ball. Terrible things can happen, too. What we do with our hands is our decision, and only the uninspired will waste this opportunity.

This Old Pair of Pants

Somewhere along the road of life I picked up a pair of track pants. I don’t remember buying them, and they’ve always been at least two sizes too large for me, but they’ve been a regular sight in my home for just over fifteen years. To the passing observer there would be nothing at all special about these pants. To me, they are a reminder of the treks I have embarked upon since the late 90s. This pair of pants has been present during my alcohol and KFC-fuelled Age of Empires tournaments that would last an entire weekend. This pair of pants has been present during my hasty move from Ontario to Vancouver. This pair of pants was even present when I moved from Vancouver to Japan. While I haven’t worn them nearly as much as I did back in Canada, these pants have rarely been far from my home.

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Have you ever had a medical condition that you've lived with for years and years but never been able to properly explain to someone else in a way they could understand it? I have. Tinnitus. This short audio file was put together for an audiologist to listen to in order to better understand what it is I hear near the end of every day. A word of warning, though: it's going to be annoying.

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While volunteering at a homeless shelter in Vancouver many years ago, I had the opportunity to meet a man who shared his name with an Apostle. Unlike many of the other people who found their way to the depressing brick building for some food, fresh coffee, and fellowship, Paul didn’t look to be in as near dire straights as the others. His hair was unkempt but, aside from this, one might mistake him for someone training for an Ironman Triathlon. He did qualify as homeless, though, as he had no fixed address, no job, and no desire to re-enter the workforce. I would see him come in every Saturday night wearing well-worth athletic clothes and we would often chat over coffee where he would answer some of my questions about living off the land.

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Re-Thinking Search

Search on this website is broken. Very broken. This is something I’ve known for quite some time but, as nobody was sending their complaints my way, it is something that I never really prioritised. Search on 10Centuries sites, after all, had a full month’s worth of optimisations just a little over a year ago. My ostrich move was brought to an abrupt end yesterday when Jeremy Cherfas remarked how difficult it was to find blog posts about food on this site. I went ahead and found the information he was looking for using some of my more advanced search tools but this isn’t something that I should have to do to help people find what they’re looking for. Search needs to be made much better in a very short period of time.

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