Too Ambitious?

Earlier today I caught myself thinking about something that isn't a problem at all just yet, and it's not the first time my thoughts have strayed in this direction. As many people know, I've been working on a Lesson Management System that can be employed by small schools to manage things like lesson recording, reports making, lesson scheduling, bookkeeping and the like. The schools that have implemented the software are incredibly impressed thus far, not because the system is "awesome", but because it's designed with schools in mind. There are a lot of options available for schools out there, but most of them look to be designed by people who hated school and everything about it. BlueLMS, my solution, is a breath of fresh air in this market.

A franchise operation will start to use this software starting August 1st, and this is great news. The more people who use the software, the better I can make it. Everybody has feedback to provide and, with the right feedback, a lot of the rough edges can be smoothed out before the "official" launch of BlueLMS later this summer. I have a good feeling about this project. A really good feeling. As such, I've been thinking about the future ... but are these thoughts a little too ambitious? Am I counting my chickens before they've hatched?

I really don't know ...

This is where I'd like to have an office before the end of 2015:

I want an office here

This is the question I was grappling with today:

Physical or Virtual Servers

I should slow down and take this one step at a time.

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